Long-Distance Grand Parenting

One of the difficulties for today’s grand parent is the fact that many families are separated by distance.  Long gone are the days where family all live on the same block.  So many families are having to get creative at overcoming the barrier of distance.

Today’s technology has been a great asset for this and many grandparents are teaching themselves to be technologically savvy in order to stay in touch. Social media and email can be a great way to send pictures quickly and even communicate with older grandchildren.  Another recent addition which is a great communication tool is the use of skype/facetime.   Many grandparents/grandchildren can have face to face contact even on a daily basis through the use of these tools.

Another fun way to let your grandchildren know you care is sending letters or care packages.  Children love to receive mail and who wouldn’t love to get a package with some of grandma’s home baked goodies.  Creating a lasting bond over the distance may take a little more effort on each family members part but it is well worth it to be involved in your grandchildren’s lives.


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