Getting Through Differences

Another difficulty of the parent/grandparent relationship is finding the balance.  Something seems to happen in a grandparents mind the moment their grandchild is born.  They all seem to feel a sense of relief that they do not have to be the one who is in charge an carry the weight of discipline and training but get to be the ones who lavish love on the child.  Like the scripture that we posted earlier this week, grand parenting is one of God’s rewards.  But where is the balance?  Children still need to know that there are boundaries at grandma’s house.  And what do you do when you see your own children being to lax or hard in the discipline area?

Those are difficult questions that must be dealt with.  Continuing to keep an open dialog with your grown children is important.  If it is something that is being done to the detriment of the child then of course speak up.  Just make sure to do it in a loving manner with lots of time set aside to discuss.  Just keep in mind that no parent wants to feel nit picked especially when it comes to how they parent, so pick your battles wisely.


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