Help! I Can’t Keep My Children in Tupperware! with Julianna Guevara | Part 1

Raising Your Child In An Anti-Biblical Culture

Sadly, our children have to grow up in a world that is a lot different from when we were children. Today’s culture has moved past the point of gray areas when it comes to certain issues. There are many areas today that are not only “unfriendly” towards Christianity, but unbiblical.  A lot of us would love to shield our children from anything that we feel doesn’t match what scripture teaches. We can’t, however, raise our children in a bubble. That isn’t what Jesus would have us do. He prepared his disciples for ministry. We can’t send our children out into the world without being equipped. We have to teach them scripture, what it says and then help them process the tough issues. Obviously, we aren’t going to sit down with our toddler and discuss some of these things but we can lay a biblical foundation at that age.  This way when they come home from school, a friend’s or even see something thru a media source we can point them to the foundation already laid. Check back this week as we continue this difficult but important discussion. We must prepare ourselves, in order to help our kids know what they believe so they can to minister to the world around them.   Listen to today’s podcast for more on this topic.