Help! I Can’t Keep My Children in Tupperware! with Julianna Guevara | Part 3

Dealing With Diversity

One of the things that’s beautiful about the United States is the beautiful tapestry of ethnicity.  There are so many different races, ethnic groups and religions here that if we take the opportunity we can have many cultural experiences.  One of the biggest blessings to me personally is that as we raise our boys here in South Florida they get to have so many different cultural experiences.  With that, however, can come hostility towards different cultures, races and religions.  Sadly, we tend to naturally fear whatever we think is different.  It is so awesome to observe my small children, because of the diversity here, there is no sense of “difference” between groups.  Unfortunately, as they grow up they will encounter and observe hostility.

What can we do to counter it? We can make sure to give our children experiences around other cultures.  City sports leagues and schools are a great place for this.  We also need to teach them, never to return evil for evil.  We can also teach them how to see the unique things in each culture.  Once a week in the residential homes we would try to have a night where we would eat foods from different countries, in an effort to learn about their customs.  This can even true of other religions. While we don’t agree or believe the same things we can always make a point to learn things from others, such as how they serve those around them or their total devotion to their religion.

Take the time to teach your children to appreciate the amazing diversity around them.


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