Help! I Can’t Keep My Children in Tupperware! with Julianna Guevara | Part 4

Hope For Kids In Bad Schools

There are circumstances in which a parent can’t simply pull a child out of a school. So what can parents do to help a child sift through the negativity around them? Probably the most important thing a parent can do is talk. Have an open door policy in your house for questions. Don’t over react to a question that your child brings up because that may shut them down. As parents, we need to be the ones giving our children the answers so we always want them to feel comfortable bringing questions or concerns to us.

Secondly, we can get involved in our children’s schools. Try to schedule a time to volunteer, go to PTA meetings or school sporting events. Get to know your child’s teachers and consistently communicate with them. The more involvement you can have at your child’s school the more likely you are to get a feel for the issues that your child may face.  Even if your child is in a difficult school, don’t give up. Choose to make the best of the situation and make sure you are going overboard to pursue relationship with your child.

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