Never Give Up! Your Teen Needs You

There are definitely days in parenting that are frustrating, some down right discouraging.  There are times where discouraging thoughts run rampant.  Thoughts such as, “ are they ever going to get this” or “ am I a bad parent?”  We can’t allow frustration or discouragement to overwhelm us and above all never give up!

Through the times of discouragement with your teen focus on pursuing the relationship with them, it is easier for a child to fall under the rules when they know how much you love them.  Make sure that if you are “butting heads” with your teen, you are going overboard communicating your love.

Take some time to focus on how our Savior led his twelve “adolescents.” During the final week of Jesus ministry as He is heading up to Jerusalem, He is sharing once again with His disciples about what will happen in the next few days.  They begin to argue about who is the most important, completely missing the point.  He goes on to teach them about servant leadership.  One of the final things He does for His disciples during the Last Supper, is wash their feet.  He does this even with His heart  burdened by Judas and what is to come in the next few hours.  We need to practice with our family what Jesus has shown us here.  Spend time thinking through how you can serve your children.  Is there a specific way to show love to that difficult teen by serving?

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