Different Temperaments

There are many types of personality inventories out there today from the Meyers/Briggs to the DISC.  Dr. Trent and Dr. Smalley came up with an approach that is just as insightful but easier to explain to children.  There is also a book written by their wives, Norma and Cindy, called The Treasure Tree., which is a fun book to read to children about the personality types.

They break down the personalities into four animals, a lion, otter, golden retriever, and beaver.  The lion (choleric) is visionary, productive, strong willed, and a leader.  The otter (sanguine) is outgoing, friendly, enthusiastic and compassionate. The golden retriever (phlegmatic) is calm, dependable, quiet and humorous.  Finally the beaver (melancholy) is analytical, self-disciplined, organized and sacrificing.

The book does a great job giving examples of these personalities in action.  Once we can pinpoint our children’s personalities it is easier to understand them and know their possible strengths and weaknesses. Take the time to be a student of your child to learn their temperament which will help you learn what makes them tick.


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