Listening To Their Fears

It has been said that the 21 century word for fear is anxiety. Reports state that 1 in 10 children struggle with anxiety. That could very easily be our child. We must be spending time with our children listening to them, sometimes even between the lines, to evaluate if our child is struggling.
The amazing thing is that fear was one of the topics Jesus brought up most. Here are just some of the verses where Jesus mentions “do not be afraid” or “do not fear”.
​Matthew 10:31 “So don’t be afraid, you are worth much more than the sparrows … ”
​​​​​​​​Matthew 9:2 “Take courage, …”
Matthew 6:25 “I tell you not to,worry about everyday life …”
​Luke 8:50 “Don’t be afraid, just believe ..”
Matthew 10:20 “​Do not fear …”
Luke 12:32 “​Do not fear …”
John 14:27 “​Do not be troubled or afraid.”
Luke 24:38 “​Why are you frightened? he asked”
Matthew 17:7 “​… do not be afraid …”

Check back the rest of this week as we go deeper into this important topic.

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