How You Could Be Feeding Their Fear- Part #1

One if the things that we need to be careful of as parents is using fear to get obedience. It’s is not uncommon to see parents attempt to use fear tactics on their children. We laugh at some of the ones from years past “don’t cross your eyes too much, they’ll stick like that” or “don’t sit so close to the tv, you’ll go blind” etc. Around Christmas time, in holiday fun, there is a little elf who sits in houses and reports back to Santa our children’s behavior. While these are humorous, and obviously not damaging, examples of using “fear” to get desired behavior there are more detrimental ones. “If you don’t work harder at school, you won’t amount to anything”, for example. Now while there are realities to teaching our children that it may not be safe to talk to strangers, we need to be careful not to instill fear of everyone around them. We need to be careful in our parenting to not be adding unnecessary fear to our children to garner obedience.

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