Helping Our Children Handle Stress | Part 1

“A Race To Nowhere”

It would seem for the past few years our society is suffering from severe stress levels.  There are many factors that play into this, from the current financial situation to inter personal and family stress.  There are days where it may even feel like we are running around like rats in a maze getting nowhere with no real purpose.  So, in all of the frenetic activity how are our children faring, many of our children are suffering from major amounts of stress.

A documentary film that has been release called “A Race To Nowhere” helps us to have a view into the life of today’s teens and the pressures of the education system today.  The film looks at the dilemma of the attempt to help our children succeed and keep our schools accountable, has put an inordinate amount of stress on both student and educator.   Because such a high priority has been placed on testing, for accountability reasons, children today not only have the educational pressures of making the grade, completing mountains of homework, but also performing well on the standardize testing.   Through working with the middle school kids at Sheridan House I have seen personally the level of stress that these test place on the kids.  Some have even gotten sick with worry over them.

All this to say, we as parents need to realize the level of stress our children/teens are under and not pile more on their plate.  We need to look at our goals for parenting and not pressure our children to achieve but rather to be well-rounded individuals.


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