Helping Our Children Handle Stress | Part 2

Helping Our Children Handle Stress | Part 2

Apr 12


Unfortunately many of us, unintentionally add stress to our children rather than being the calming force that helps them cope.  We try to give our children “opportunities” by keeping them in many different sports, dance or gymnastics.  We also want them to be able to be able to do whatever they want so we add to the academic stress by pushing good grades.  For some parents it is that they have gotten in the trap of performance focused parenting.  For others it is, innocently wanting what is best for our children.

For some reason we have been taught that idle hands are the devils tools.  So out of fear that they may get into trouble we keep our teens busy. But as we will discuss tomorrow this can have negative consequences.

We need to keep in mind that our children and teens are not just mini adults.  They do not need to bare the same stress levels or have as many things on their plates as an adult can balance.  Our children need time to play to imagine, to dream.   They need the time to just be children.  In order to train up a well rounded individual we have to allow for our children to have time to dream up what they want to be in the future.  Protect their childhood and make sure that your children have down time, just to be children!


Listen to today’s podcast for more insight on children and stress.



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