Helping Our Children Handle Stress | Part 3

What does stress mean for today’s teen?

Today’s overachieving society can have detrimental effects on the teen.  Like we said yesterday, the well meaning parent can be trying to help their teen get into college and fill their plate so full that it becomes overwhelming.  It is not abnormal for a focused teen to get up be at swim practice before the sun, go to school and spend their days in AP or dual enrollment classes, go back to swim practice or a meet until dinner, and then be up until after midnight completing homework.  There is only so much of this a teen can take day in and day out before it begins to wear on them.  Some teens can’t handle the stress and begin to retreat away from family, or begin to make bad choices.  This can leave many parents struggling for answers.  How many times have we heard parents say, “I don’t know what happened he/she was doing so well!”

This ends up being a very lonely life for a teen.  It leaves them feeling that they are only as good as they perform.  Their entire self worth is not based on how much they are loved or valued but by how well they do.  What can we do as parents to help our kids off the hamster wheel and help them balance their life and time?  Check back tomorrow because that is what we will be discussing!


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