The Bullied

It is our responsibility as parents to constantly observe our kids.  If we are students of our children then it is easy to see when something is wrong.  Depending our your child’s personality they may not share with you when they are getting bullied.  You may just see the signs that they are upset or it may even be one of the causes of them acting out themselves.

If we are noticing signs that something is wrong we need to take the first step and go to the child.  Sitting on their bed at night or even taking them out one on one for ice cream just to talk, can help spark conversation.  There are several reasons why kids don’t talk about being bullied.  They may be embarrassed that it is happening.  They could also be afraid that we will over react and jump to the rescue unnecessarily.  Another reason why our kids may not talk about it is they simply may not know what to do.

It is our job to be a safe place for them to bring this up, we must first be a listening ear.  We need to, in most circumstances, follow our child’s lead in what they want our involvement to be, under the stipulation that they continue to talk to us about the situation.   It seems the children who have the most lasting emotion impact of bullying are those who feel alone through the situation.  Study your kids so you can  be there for them if there is a problem.

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