No One Likes Change

For many of us change is a very scary prospect.  We are comfortable with the way things are and to adjust to change takes effort.  How much more difficult is change for our children?  Children spend their lives adjusting to transitions.; transition from womb to world, mom to nursery or daycare, first school experience and every new school year after that.  If you think about it our children have to constantly adapt to change and transitions.  It is our job as parents to first acknowledge that these transitions are happening in our children’s lives.  Next we can use these transition times as training tools.

In order to utilize these times for training, we need to first answer why learning how to deal with big transitions is important. First big transitions are a reality of life; we will always have to cope with change.  Secondly, transition is part of the developmental/maturation process.  All steps from dependence to independence come with a transition process.  Thirdly, transitions can be utilized in a child’s life for spiritual growth.  They can be training in trust. Moving from faith in my parent to faith in God.


Check back for the rest of this week as we continue our discussion on transitions.


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