The Key Is Listening

Like we discussed yesterday most of us don’t like change, but for a child transitions in life may be difficult. They may include a move, the birth of a sibling, a new school, a new family configuration or a loss.  Watching our child work through a difficult situation can be even more difficult for the parent.  It is very tempting for us to attempt to rescue the child from the situation or “hover” as it’s happening.

We must realize that this training process begins with the parent.  First, we need to consciously let go and realize that this is a training process.  We need to allow any insecurity of the “new” and “different” work itself out.  What we can do actively is be there to “debrief” the situation.  Children and teens need to be consistently trained to communicate about what they are dealing with.  The age of the child will determine the type of communication role we take as parent.  With a young child we need to ask leading questions to help them understand the connection between their emotions and the situation.  With a teen we can be there and pursue relationship to give them a chance to open up about what they are feeling.

It is our job to always be there for our children as their support system and cheering section, but we are to ultimately point them to the One who will always be there to comfort and direct their path!


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