The Ultimate Transition Is Leaving Home

While seemingly a more painful transition for the parent the ultimate transition of childhood is leaving home.  We must as parents remember that this is what we are training for.  When I left for college my freshman year was awesome! I had no homesickness and being an extreme extrovert made friends easily. My sophomore year, however, was very different.  There were several circumstances that happened my first few weeks back on campus that made me feel very removed from what was going on at home and lonely.  All I wanted was to come home. My mom spent many hours on the phone with me those first few weeks back and I know consistently prayed for me.  My dad wrote me letters every day, he had done this the entire previous year as well,  but this second year those became a lifeline as I struggled emotionally those first few weeks.  The funk that I was in passed quickly but I know that it did because of the support of my parents.

It is important to continue to communicate your support especially through this transition of leaving home.  You may never know the impact that support has on your child!


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