How Parenting Impacts Your Marriage | Part 1

Children Have a Huge Impact On Our Marriage

It is amazing how so many of us go into parenting so unprepared for the changes it will bring in our lives. We treat it like it is something to add to what we are already doing, just an add-on in our lifestyle, rather then a complete lifestyle change. Getting married we are suppose to learn to be selfless, to put another’s needs before our own, to go from me to us. This may be why some of those early years of marriage are difficult as we figure out how to do this. Parenting is something that forces us to put someone else’s needs before our own.

There are also some basic areas of conflict in a marriage, things like communication, finances, sex life, time together and in-laws. Parenting can exacerbate all the marital “conflict zones.” Because it can create conflict and because parenting is so much more demanding of our energy and attention, it is very easy to put the marriage on the back burner. Looking at it from this perspective can seem overwhelming. Thankfully, this week we will be looking at how to make sure to prioritize your marriage.


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