How Parenting Impacts Your Marriage | Part 5

Choosing to Sacrifice

It is so easy to get into a survival mode when parenting, especially the early years. In trying to figure out the balance of taking care of others, your spouse and yourself, it is easy to get that balance off. For some it maybe easy to focus on work to escape the unending needs of others. Society pushes, especially for moms, to focus on taking care of themselves first and then others. While we do need to take time for ourselves, especially to focus on our spiritual walk, we are called to put others needs before ourselves. Jesus gave us that example as he washed the feet of his disciples. It is easier to make sacrifices for our children, but what about our spouse? So often our spouse gets the last bit of our energy or none at all. What can we do to make sure that we are giving our spouse the best of us? Are there some sacrifices that we need to make to put our marriage as the priority? Maybe cut back on our schedule? Are there some financial decisions we can cut back on to free up a work schedule? Is it something as simple as getting up a few minutes early to have a cup of coffee and prayer time, so your family gets the best of you in the mornings?

Take time to look and see if there are some areas you may need to sacrifice in, to communicate to your spouse that they are a priority.


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