How to Motivate My Child | Part 2

How to Motivate My Child | Part 2

Jan 26

Take The Time To Learn What Motivates

Every child is different and there are different motivational triggers for each person. Make sure that you are taking the time to know your child well enough to know what will motivate them. That being said there is one thing that tends to motivate everyone no matter what the personality. That is positive reinforcement.

We all want to hear that we did a good job or that someone is proud of us no matter what our age. Make sure that you are not only trying to push your child to do well but that you are positively reinforcing even the small things. Most of the time when a child knows that they are going to be praised for a job well done that is enough of a motivation in and of itself. There are many types of positive reinforcement; things such as verbal praise, giving a hug or even taking the time to be there with your child when they are doing something. All of these things communicate that what they are doing is worth it.

Make sure that you are taking the time to praise effort not just performance. Taking time to simply praise the positive may be all the motivation that your child needs.


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