How to Motivate My Child | Part 3

How to Motivate My Child | Part 3

Jan 27

The Word “We”

One area that many parents find difficulty motivating their children, is schoolwork. There are many different simple ways to motivate a child to study. One of the first things that you need to do is, like we discussed yesterday, know what motivates your child. Some children do well coming immediately home and getting homework out of the way. Other children need a break and need to do something physical to blow off some steam from sitting all day. Other children would study well if they had something to make that time feel fun, like a snack. Still others, who are more relational, would focus great if they were able to sit in the kitchen and do homework while mom was making dinner.

But what happens if this is all tried and your child still is falling behind at school? Before trying to get to the bottom of anything you need to communicate to your child not that this is “their problem” that needs fixing but that this is our problem that we are going to work on together. Some children just need a little bit of extra help in an area of study. Maybe they have fallen behind a bit and just need some help sorting through it. If your child is unsure of why they are behind maybe a quick meeting with their teacher would help it become clear. Remember that the most important thing to your child is not to feel like they are alone dealing with a problem, but that they have mom and dad on their side!


Listen to today’s podcast for more information on motivating your child.


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