Interview With Dr. Bob Barnes about Broward County, Florida LGBT decision

Interview With Dr. Bob Barnes about Broward County, Florida LGBT decision

Sep 30

An interview with Dr. Barnes about Broward County, Florida schools calling October LGBT History Month and how parents should respond



  1. Maria

    I understand how this can be a teaching opportunity for the older children and how parents can explain and teach God’s word. But how do we handle this with the little ones? I have a Kindergartener and 2nd grader. They don’t even know what Gay is let alone what transgender means.

  2. Parenting Today

    First – Check with your child’s individual teacher to see if this will be discussed. Talk with them to see exactly what will be discussed or what books/curriculum used. Some teachers can even be reached over email. If not and the child is in elementary school, you don’t need to discuss this YET.

    Second – be prepared and be listening. Your child might have questions about the issue of alternative sexual lifestyles but not know how to ask them. Listen for the real questions behind their posed questions. Have a response prepared and at a young age many details don’t need to be addressed. Know where to point them in the Bible. Use this as a time to learning three important lessons:
    1. There will always be people challenging us to defy the truths of the Bible (Romans 12:2)
    2. God created us to be one man married to one woman (Genesis 2:24)
    3. We are called to love, not hate or bully, all the people God has placed around us
    (Matthew 5:43 & Matthew 22:39)

    The fact that our public schools have made the decision to usurp our parental rights and responsibilities should sadden us but not surprise us. This did not catch God off guard. He loves our children more then we do. The positive in this is that parents now need to take the responsibility to train our children to be able to go out into the culture prepared to deal with cultural thinking. “Train them up in the way they should go,…”

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