Establish a Purpose for the Break

Even though we are early in the second week of Christmas Vacation, it’s not too late to establish a purpose.  The week leading up to Christmas has Christmas day as its focal point.  There are many things for the whole family to do to keep them busy.  The week after Christmas the excitement has died down and shockingly, even with all the new things to play with, boredom sets in.  That is unless there is a plan and a purpose for this week.

Sit down with your spouse and come up with the expectations for the rest of break.  Talk through what the routine will look like, are there any areas that need to be focused on, and what consequences will be if certain behaviors appear.  Get out in front of these issues early so that you will save yourself frustration during the final days of break.  Then have a family meeting to let the kids know what the routine will be for the rest of break.  Make sure to schedule in time together as a family to do a fun activity together like a game night or a puzzle, complete with snacks for the participants.  Don’t let this time get away from you, are there activities or even things like homework or projects that you will have wished you had taken the time to fit in over Christmas break?

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