Doing Chores and Dividing Up the Labor

Breaks from school are great for teaching some real life lessons for children.  One of the real life lessons is that the adult world doesn’t stop.  Just because everyone is on vacation doesn’t mean that adults completely get a break.  Someone still has to prepare and clean up after meals, pick up the house, do laundry ect.  There may be some whining and complaining when the children are required to do their chores on vacation but this is a great opportunity to instill this lesson.

Another benefit for breaks is that parents can spend time communicating what their expectations are for chores.  There maybe some chores that are beginning to fall below the expectation level.  Take some extra time with your kids over break helping them learn how to properly do different chores.  This is also a great time to do some deep cleaning of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Another opportunity that a break from school gives is time for cleaning out the closet and toy box.  Cleaning out clothes that don’t fit or toys that aren’t played with anymore also helps to make room for any new Christmas gifts.  This also begins to get your children in the habit of going through clothes and things that are used anymore and giving them away, which is another great lesson to carry on into adulthood.

Have your children start the New Year fresh by helping them keep up with their chores over break, even teaching them some new habits.

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