The How To’s of Listening | Part 5

Listening and The Dinner Table

Like we discussed yesterday teaching children how to listen using their siblings can be a great training ground for the future in work and peer relationships.  One place to put this into practice is the dinner table.  Creating family dinner discussion rules can help.  Such as only one person talks at a time or we finish discussing one thing before the next is brought up.  This is an area that we need to lead by example.

Another fun thing that can be done at the family dinner table is to create a listening game.  You can have each child tell the family one thing that they learned from someone else that day.  Whether it was at school, home or even each other.  This can help create an atmosphere of listening.  On Sunday’s you can have your children tell you one thing that they heard in Sunday school or small group and one thing they remember the pastor saying.  This will also begin to train them to listen in a big group setting.  If you make it into a game you may be surprised at the things that your children come away with!


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