Making Your Marriage the Key Relationship in the Family | Part 3

Making Your Marriage the Key Relationship in the Family | Part 3

Sep 30

How Did So Many Homes Go From Marriage-Centered to Child-Centered

One answer may be that many homes were not honestly marriage-centered.  Becoming one flesh and actually “doing” marriage is a difficult task.  Many couples, when they leave the honeymoon phase of their marriage relationship, begin to focus on their careers as a priority.  We can easily divvy up jobs and tasks and almost become strangers sleeping next to each other.   It is also easy to forget to continually pursue our spouse, to continue to deepen the friendship and intimacy.  If kids enter at this point it is easy to see how their needs become front and center and the marriage needs get placed on the back burner.

Even the strongest marriages will have to continually battle the tyranny of the urgent and fight to be consumed by the needs of children or paying the bills.  Children are an amazing blessing from God but a couple needs to remember that child rearing is just a season of their marriage.  A marriage that is going to last a lifetime needs time and input, even through those frenetic years of parenting.

Make the choice today to keep your marriage a priority.


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