What Exactly are Traditions?

When we break it down what is a tradition?  Who decides the tradition? Why is it important to think through this?  A tradition is something that you do year after year.  It can be something that you do individually or as a family.  There are many areas that can dictate traditions, especially at Christmas: family, religion, and culture to name a few.

It is important to think through your traditions to see who is influencing them and what your traditions are really teaching your children.  Just like we talked about last week, Christmas needs to be more then just the tradition of materialistic overindulgence.  Christmas is the celebration of God’s greatest gift to humanity His Son, our salvation, wrapped in swaddling clothes.  Are the things we do as a family to get ready for Christmas pointing to this miracle?

One thing that we can do as parents to help keep the right focus is to have some personal traditions around Christmas time.   We can spend this time reading through the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to read the Biblical accounts of Jesus life.  Spend time really processing what must it have been like in the shoes of each of the characters of the Christmas story and journal your thoughts.  So often we read this story so much that we miss the reality of it and the amazing faith of the characters involved.  Spend some time preparing your heart to celebrate this Christmas so you can truly communicate the Joy of this event to your children.