The Tradition of a Worshipful Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve can be such a crazy day in the Christmas season.  Most families have relatives come into town or they are driving/flying to see relatives.  Some parents are frantically wrapping or putting the bigger toys together.  Some families spend Christmas Eve night at a party or at a Christmas service.  A great goal would be to have everything accomplished before Christmas Eve so we can take a breath.   Like we have been talking about all of our traditions should be pointing to the meaning behind the day, Jesus birth, not all the presents under the tree.  Christmas eve is a great time to refocus our family.

Remember we as parents set the tone for our home. If our attitude is hurried or stressed we will be communicating that to our children.  Christmas Eve can be a quiet time to ponder, like Mary, what God has given us, in the gift of His Son.  Taking advantage of one of the many Christmas Eve services is a great idea to help set the tone.  Don’t let it stop there, however.  After the service utilize the rest of the evening to point to Jesus.  A tradition in our house was to find baby Jesus, he was hidden for all the Christmas season, and place him in the manger of our nativity set.  The last thing we did before be was not to hang stockings and put out milk and cookies, but was to read Luke 2.

Take advantage of the last evening before Christmas to continue to set the focus of the season!