Marriage Expectations | Part 1

Where Do Out Expectations Come From?

This week we are going to focus on marriage because the state of the marriage will impact our ability to parent. One of the basic things that can have a profound effect on our marriage is the expectations we bring into it. But where do these expectations come from?
One of the places we develop expectations for our marriage is in the dating relationship. Unfortunately, the whole dating process is an untrue picture of marriage. In dating, a person always presents the best part of themselves so it creates unrealistic expectations of who the other person really is.
Observing our parent’s marriage,for better or worse, creates expectations. It sets up expectations for everything from roles to possible dysfunctions.
The other places from which we create expectations are our own temperament, the media, our past relationships and even our cultural background. It would seem we all come into marriage with a lot of baggage that can have an impact if we are not aware and learn to control our expectations. Check back this week as we continue on this topic of expectations in marriage.

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