Marriage Expectations| Part 3

Expectations Can Cause Great Harm

We need to keep in mind that unrealistic, undiscussed expectations can and will cause great harm to the marriage relationship. Our expectations tend to reveal what we expect to get out of the relationship. The problem is as we said, the expectations we hold are very unrealistic and no one could live up to them. We need to keep in mind that when our spouse doesn’t live up to our expectations it is not their fault but ours. We must allow for real life. It’s not that we can’t have a “happily ever after” its just that we may need to adjust our thinking. We may have gone into marriage with the unconscious thought of having someone there to always meet our needs. The problem is that it is impossible for one person to meet our needs. The only one who can meet those needs is our Heavenly Father. So our focus shift needs to be how do I make my marriage and spouse my number one ministry. How do I focus on serving my spouse rather then the focus of my expectations being met?

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