Marriage Expectations | Part 4

What Do I Do With My Expectations?

Everyone needs to take a moment to evaluate their own marital expectations. We need to ask ourselves a few questions. What do I expect of my spouse? Are these expectations fair? How am I imposing these expectations on him/her? One way to find this out is to ask your spouse. You may even want to ask “what expectations do you feel I have that are not realistic?”
The next step in the process is to find out what our spouses expectations are. We can make the choice here to become other oriented. Are there any of your spouses expectations that you can meet?
Finally, we must make the choice to relinquish our unfair or unrealistic expectations. We need to realize that if we are constantly trying to change or mold our spouse to our personal expectations, we will never really get to know who our spouse could be. Remember that God intentionally puts two different people together for the purpose of bringing them together as one flesh.

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