Marriage Expectations| Part 5

Choose To Love Like God Loves

Ephesians 5 does a great job telling us how we need to love each other. It tells us to love like God loves. God loves us, not because we are lovable, but because it is His nature. How does He love us? He loves us unconditionally, not expecting to get anything back, and He loves sacrificially. He has no expectation that we will be able to do anything to earn His love.
This is a high calling that God has called us to! We need to learn to love our spouses unconditionally. We love a baby unconditionally, there is nothing a baby can do to earn a parents love. We expect nothing back from them. We simply love them because they are ours. That is how we need to love our spouse. If we have the wrong focus of expectation we miss everything.
What we should have expectations of is our own behavior. We must have expectations of how we need to respond to our spouse and how we need to love our spouse. Love unconditionally, without expectation and sacrificially giving all of yourself just as Christ did.

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