“Put Your Oxygen Mask On First”

As a single parent, mom must realize that she will be dealing with many emotions.  She must give herself a chance to work through them so she doesn’t emote on her children. Healing is a slow, two steps forward one step back process.  It will take awhile.  Mom must allow for it and find the appropriate level of help, whether that is a strong Christian friend or even a counselor.  You cannot give the appropriate level of emotional care to your children if you have not begun the healing process yourself.

Another thing to keep in the forefront of the mind is if single parenting is a result of a divorce a mom must realize it was her divorce not her children’s.  That is unless there was some form of abuse and a mom needs to put the protection of her children first.  For all children but especially a son, a mom cannot use custody or opportunities for him to be with his dad as a weapon.  It will cause her children further pain.

For the rest of this week we will be discussing the topic of raising a son as a single mom, what that means and how to do it well.


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