Give Him Independence

We spoke last week about how important it is to allow your son to begin to make his own decisions.  We must do this in order to begin to instill leadership characteristics in our son.  This is even more important for the single mom to make this a priority. This is in fact a two part process for the single mom especially if there is an older son.

The older son needs his mom to cheer his decisions and not attempt to make them for him.  He must be allowed to fail in order to learn. The other thing that is equally important for the single mom to process is that she cannot lean on her son for emotional support.  He cannot be a male “replacement” or someone to vent to.  He must be allowed to stay in the role as child.  Mom must be careful to put up boundaries in the adult/child relationship and not begin to lean on or emotionally confide in her children.  If this is an area of need in her life she needs to seek out a godly friend or even a counselor to vent to.

Another thing to always remember is that we are never alone, no matter how lonely we feel.  Our Heavenly Father promises He will never leave us or forsake us!


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