The Unique Dynamic in the Relationship

So many moms dream of the day where they will have a baby girl,  and for many the dreams don’t stop there.  They think that their daughter will be their buddy to do things with as they grow. And while sometimes this is true, why is it that for so many this is such a rocky relationship, especially in the teen years?

Mothers and daughters have a unique relationship and when it is working its awesome, but when it is not it can be explosive as I have observed many times with our residential girls and their moms.

Many times it is simply a communication issue.  Girls and Moms don’t know how to talk to each other.  Again, I have observed many times girls and moms talking AT each other and not TO.  Mothers need to train their daughter how to communicate. Click here for our two week long series on this topic.  It starts with listening.  Moms need to start taking the time to listen to their daughters. Often tines mom, if she will take the time, is the only one who is able to see through her daughters emoting to what the true issue is.  Check back this week as we look more deeply into the topic of mothers and daughters.

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