Mom As The Role-Model For Wife

We have said countless times that children learn most often by observation.  One of the awesome privileges that mom has is to role-model for her daughter what it means to be a godly wife. There are many ways she can do this.  First the Bible calls the wife to respect her husband.  One of the ways we do this is by our words.  What do our children hear us say about our spouse? How do we respond to our spouse in front of our children? This is one of the ways we can role-model respect making sure that the things we say edify and build him up.

Secondly, we can role-model healthy communication.  Even though we may not always agree we are able to work things out.  Our children should be able to observe our healthy interactions day to day.

There are so many more ways that a mom can role- model what it means to be a godly wife.  Listen to today’s podcast for more.