Mothers & Sons with Guest: Rosemary Barnes | Part 1

Mothers & Sons with Guest: Rosemary Barnes | Part 1

May 15

Worth The Sacrifice

The mother and son relationship has some very distinct aspects to it, which is why we are going to spend a two weeks discussing it.  A mother has a very important role to play in the life of her son.  There are many different types of moments through out the mother and son relationship some wonderful, some difficult and painful but all rewarding.

The beginning of the mother/son relationship is genderless bonding because she is his main caregiver.  Whether she works out of the home or not, she is his main nurturer and encourager.  A mother is the first to teach her son unconditional love.  She is also hopefully the one who begins to instill the meaning of word “no” as well as begin to place boundaries up in his life.

The difficulty of this relationship, which we will continue to explore through the week, is the fact that one of the most important roles that a mother plays is allowing for the slow emancipation of her son.  This begins at an early age where, if dad is at home he will slowly become his sons everything.  A son will want to emulate everything his father does.  And while this pulling away from mom is painful it is something that is necessary for her son to become the man he needs to be.

Check back through this week as we begin to dive into the mother/son relationship.

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