Mothers & Sons with Guest: Rosemary Barnes | Part 2

Mothers & Sons with Guest: Rosemary Barnes | Part 2

May 17

Do What’s Right Not Easy

One of the very rewarding things about the mother/son relationship is that a mother has the privilege to be her son’s first teacher.  She instills in her son his very first lessons.   Like we mentioned yesterday she teaches him the word “no”.  She also teaches the concept of cause and effect; he will begin to understand, when I choose to do this I earn a reward or consequence.  She also can teach him the meaning of unconditional love as she separates relationship and disciple.  For more on that click here.

Another valuable life lesson that a mother can instill in her son is to learn how to do things that he may not necessarily want to do but are important.  For example learning how to eat vegetables, how to clean up after himself, take naps or even share with others.  Being a consistent teacher is very hard work, but well worth the effort as you watch your child grow to be a responsible person!


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