Mothers & Sons with Guest: Rosemary Barnes | Part 4

Mothers & Sons with Guest: Rosemary Barnes | Part 4

May 18

Be The Role Model For  Wife

We touched on this concept yesterday but our example will have a huge impact on who our son will marry.  We’ve all heard the phrase you marry your mother, this is how huge our responsibility is in how we role model.  We talked about yesterday role modeling qualities that we would like to see in our son’s spouse.  For those of us who are married we need to role model what it means to be a wife.

I have heard it said that the wife is the gatekeeper to her home.  It is her job to keep it a sanctuary for her family, a safe place.  Children also pick up on how we as spouses treat each other.  If a woman badmouths her husband or disrespects him in front of her children this can be a major blow to her son.  It can cause great conflict within him.   It is very important for a wife to role model love and respect with in a marriage.

Next week we will be discussing the importance of the relationship between mother and son when dad’s not around.

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