The Changing Problems

Why does it seem that my perfectly normal child has turned into something else? They don’t want to talk anymore, don’t come to me with problems and they are moody all the time.  Chances are if you catch yourself saying these things you probably have a middle schooler in your home.  But is this normal, you may ask. If middle school could be summed up in one word it would probably be change. These years for a child can be very overwhelming as all things around them begin to change, including their body.  Because of all these changes your middle schooler may be testing their boundaries again, pushing back and attempting to stretch their wings.  While it’s never too late to implement a parenting plan, the older the child gets it may be more challenging.  These middle school years are great time to reevaluate your parenting plan or to make sure you have one established. Click here for more information on creating one.  This way you can make sure that you are responding rather then reacting to the middle school years, when it is easy to take things personally.

For more on this listen to today’s podcast and be sure to check back as we spend the week discussing the middle school years.