Parenting Middle Schoolers | Part 2

The Changing Body

The middle school years remind me of that stage in puppyhood where they are all long, gangly and their feet have grown too big for their body.  Their body’s are getting ready for adulthood which can bring with it all kinds different challenges for this age.  Some kids are early bloomers, some are late, some hit their full adult height at this age others don’t grow until later teen years, every child grows so differently.  This can create difficult social issues for them as well as cause major self-esteem issues during this age.  They also have major hormone fluctuations as their bodies are going through these changes, which cause them to be more moody, and have more out bursts.  While, as parents we cannot allow inappropriate behavior it may help us to not take it personally if we know a possible cause behind these behaviors.  They are struggling to find their place, not quite being adults but not children either.  Make sure to give your middle schooler lots of TLC as they are going through this phase.


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