The Changing Culture

Because of all the body changes going on for middle schoolers, this causes a major cultural change for them as well.  Like we said yesterday, middle school is just that stuck in the middle, not children but not quite adults.  Because this can cause insecurities for this age group, they are especially susceptible to peer pressure.  They just want to fit somewhere.  There are a few things we can do as parents to help our children with this.  First, take the time to make sure you are giving your middle schooler some one on one attention.  A good rule of thumb is, whichever child is most difficult at the moment is usually the child that needs a little extra positive attention.  This is a great time to begin to “date” your child if it hasn’t happened already.  The second thing that we can do is become a student of our child.  What are their likes and dislikes.  We also need to become a student of their culture.  This way we can be aware of the influences surrounding our children.  This also helps us to know if something is actually inappropriate or is just not our preference.  It is very important to take the time to do this especially in these critical middle school years when they are so susceptible to influences around them.


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