The Changing Parenting Dynamic

With the growth of a child toward adulthood, the dynamics of the parent child relationship change as they do with every phase of growth.  The dynamics between a mother and daughter can change and fluctuate.  A daughter may struggle with disrespect because she may start looking at her mother as more of an equal. There can also be a temptation for a mom to see her daughter as a friend and blur the line of adult/child.  Mom’s need to make sure to redirect disrespect and maintain the boundary of parent  to child.  With mothers and sons, it can be a different dynamic as mom may sense her son pulling away, which is natural for his growth into manhood.  Its even stated in Genesis, when it is said, “A man will leave his father and mother…” She may be tempted to smother him as she feels this.  A mom needs to find the line of giving her son space to grow and being affectionate.  The father/son dynamic can be a struggle of who is the “alpha” in the house.   A father needs to come alongside his son and teach him how to be an authority figure by role modeling it.  This is a great season to step back and reevaluate how you handle authority.  Do you react or respond to situations that may arise?  Make sure to practice being calm, while maintaining consistent authority.  Partner with your child as they are going through these changes.

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