Helping Your Child Deal with Peer Pressure

In order to help our children we must first ask the question what is peer pressure? The phrase peer pressure is a reference to when the people around us (in this case around our children) influence us to act in a certain way that we might not act if it weren’t for them. As parents it is tempting to want to give up sometimes when it comes to competing with peers as the primary influencers of our children.  This whole concept of peer pressure is predicated upon the thought that peers automatically have a greater influence than anyone else. There are many forces of influence that impact the behavior or thinking of our children.  The first is self.  A thought process may go something like, “I won’t do that because, I don’t want to, it’s wrong, or I fear the consequences.” The opposing thought process being “as wrong as I know that is to do, I want to do it.” This would show no impulse control or desire for impulse control. (Click here for more teaching your child impulse control.)  The second is family; “I won’t do that because of the impact it will have upon my family.” With the opposing thought process to this being, “ my family doesn’t care, won’t know, or is so busy and removed that this behavior will get their attention.” Another is God, with the thinking “God has a better plan for me and I don’t want to step out of God’s will for my life.” The final influence would be peers or culture around our child.  Either the thinking will be “The culture around me says this is right so it must be,” or “I know because of what I have been taught the culture around me is wrong.”

We can see that there are many influences on our children we must be conscious to instill values in our children so they know right from wrong and can navigate the pressures around them.


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