We all look for affirmation from some one or some group.  God gave us the family as a support system and a healthy place to receive affirmation that we are “worth it.” A problem arises when a child doesn’t receive the affirmation they need from home.  There are many reasons this can happen. The family becomes so busy that it doesn’t have the time for affirmation. Some parents don’t see the need for affirmation.  Other parents fall into the trap of only affirming performance.  For example, good grades, sports or good behavior.  Click here for more on performance oriented parenting.

When a person doesn’t feel affirmed for who they are, not what they do, at home they will look elsewhere for that affirmation that they are valuable.  What use to be inner city gangs have now become more wide spread, why? The answer is needy kids.  Today’s child is lonelier then ever.   They live in a busier family then ever before, they are thrown into a peer environment more then ever and they have been introduced to the cyber world.  This child has been set up to crave the affirmation of their peers/culture more then their parents.  Affirmation is vital to all members of the family unit.  Make sure you are being intentional about affirmation.


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