Preparing Your Child for Peer Pressure | Part 2

Preparing Your Child for Peer Pressure | Part 2

Sep 22

Factors That Play A Part In Peer Pressure

To understand the factors in peer pressure we also need to see when it begins. Peer pressure actually begins as soon as a child begins interacting and observing other people.  It is amazing you can watch toddlers pick up behaviors from other toddlers such as taking a toy away from another child and saying mine, that is under the assumption that they are not observing this behavior in their parents.  Parents and other adults also have a huge influence on their children.  Small children are constantly observing learning and mimicking their parents and other adults.   So in a way this is “pressure” to “conform” to certain behaviors or mimicking because the behaviors are thought to be normal.

What factors affect a teens ability to resist temptation? A strong sense of self is the first.  Are they secure in who they are where another’s opinion will not cause them to cave into doing something they know/feel is wrong.  The second is a strong sense of family.  The support of family can be an amazing factor, a desire to not let other family members down. Also the knowledge that there will be support at home when I make the right decision even if it is unpopular.  Thirdly, faith can play a huge role.  When a child is grounded in what the Bible says not only as a list of rules but that those rules are there to protect their relationship with God and others it can have a major impact.  From this faith will be a knowledge that God has a plan for their life which can give the strength to say no to temptation. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Finally helping your child find a peer group that will share the same beliefs and values will help your child by exerting positive peer pressure.


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