Preparing Your Child for Peer Pressure | Part 4

Preparing Your Child for Peer Pressure | Part 4

Sep 24

Practicing Supervised Peer Pressure

There are several ways we can prepare our child for the battle of peer pressure.  The first is, as always, leading by example.  Do you set the example in front of your children of not conforming to peer pressure?  As your children get older process with and include them in some of your decision making.  Discuss with them why when everyone else is doing/buying this we as a family have make the decision to not.  Be the example in a culture that is self-absorbed, give to others and allow your children to observe and be a part.

Give them opportunities to practice making decisions about peer pressure even when they are young.  If they want something that costs more then you had planned to spend, whether it be something for school or gift for a birthday, because it is the more popular choice, allow them to contribute their money towards the purchase.  By doing this you allow them to feel that giving into peer pressure “cost” them something.

Keep in mind that family relationships are not a substitute for learning to deal with peer pressure because these are decisions that will have to be made most often when family is not physically there, such as on a college/high school campus or on a date.  Strong family relationships are however, the platform of strength, from which a child can feel confident when responding to negative peer pressure.  They will always know that there is someone who loves them and who is behind them cheering when the make the right choice even if it is unpopular.


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