Privacy vs. Protection | Part 2

Privacy vs. Protection | Part 2

May 31

The Child’s Right To Be Given Boundaries

What is a child’s most important right?  In today’s society, there’s a dumbfounding battle between the child’s right to privacy vs. the child’s right to protection.  One of the things that our children are being taught by their own sub-culture is the attitude that “I have rights that you as a parent cannot touch.”

Many parents are paralyzed over what to do with this type of attitude.  They feel helpless knowing the need to protect their child but feeling they are not “allowed” in some instances. When it comes to bedrooms, cell phones, computers etc. begin with two thoughts.  Whose are they really and who is in charge of protecting the child.  Never have my children reminded me that it was time for them to go to the dentist or time to get a shot.  But I knew they needed it for their own protection.  I went against their “want” in order to meet their “need”.  Begin the process of thinking through boundaries as a protection issue rather than a rights issue.

One way to fight this attitude of personal rights is to begin developing an attitude of gratitude.  Thankfulness is something that is taught, it does not come naturally.  When a child is taught to be consistently thankful for what they are given and how hard their parents work to give it to them, it helps to soften the entitled attitude as they grow up.

First it is an area to be role modeled.  Do the children see thankfulness in you? Thank your children when they are helpful, when they do something out of their way just to be nice.  By consistently saying a simple thank you to your children you are teaching thankfulness. Another way to teach thankfulness is around the dinner table you can play a thankful game.  Every family member needs to think of at least one thing that they are thankful for from that day.  This helps to keep thankfulness on the forefront of everyone’s mind, as well as creating conversation.

Sometimes just very simple solutions can help prevent bigger problems later. Choosing to be thankful for everything we have, combats the attitude of “that’s mine” or “you can’t come in here.”

Listen to today’s podcast for more on privacy vs. protection.


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