Protecting My Marriage With Boundaries | Part 2

Protecting My Marriage With Boundaries | Part 2

Aug 25

Your Marriage Is Under Attack

As Christians we need to fervently protect our marriages.   We mentioned the verse yesterday that talks about the Devil being like a lion prowling and waiting to attack.  What a better way to devastate many people then to take down a marriage.  Not only are the spouses affected but the children, extended family and even people around them.  Many of us have observed or even felt the impact first hand of a pastor whose marriage has fallen apart.  This is an area that can have devastating and widely reaching consequences.  In Ephesians 6, it talks about the armor of God and how we protect ourselves from attacks.  The original language implies that our areas of weakness or Achilles’ heel are known.  We must make sure that we don’t get lazy in placing boundaries or think that this can never happen to us.  No one is immune.  We also need to analyze ourselves to see what maybe an area of weakness.  Are there perceived or real needs not being met by our spouse that may make us vulnerable?  Make this a priority to see what boundaries you need to strengthen around your marriage.


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