Starting The Conversation

Having the conversation about how to place boundaries can be very intimidating.  Because it is so important to do we need to prepare ourselves to make sure that we are approaching it correctly.  This could be an area that spouses may not agree 100 percent.  We need to make sure that how we approach the topic is correct.  If we go in accusatory, “the way you are handling this…”, it will probably make our spouse defensive and end up creating an argument.  Remember, we want to place boundaries around our marriage not tear down our own walls in the process.   We want to go into the discussion open and vulnerable.   There may even be a reason why one spouse is feeling insecure about an area.  It may be good to approach the topic from that perspective.  For example, maybe the wife has a friend whose spouse just left her for another woman.  A good way to bring up the topic of boundaries would be, “because of what happened with so and so, I’m feeling insecure.  It is nothing that you have done and I trust you, it’s just me right now.  Can we talk about some things that would help me to move past this insecurity?”

Make sure to have this conversation so that both spouses can be on the same page on how to place boundaries.


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