Boundaries Are Trust Builders

With the influx of social media, texting, and internet usage, it creates a whole new set if issues with regards to boundaries.   A sense of openness with our spouses on the use of technology, creates trust.  We shouldn’t have anything that is “off limits” to our spouse.   If we have any texts, emails or interactions on social media that we don’t feel comfortable with our spouse looking at, then we need to reevaluate what we are doing.  We must set boundaries with who we interact with in social media, how we are going to handle texts, and chatting with those of the opposite sex.  These can be areas of danger if we are not careful.  Make sure to have a conversation with your spouse about how you are going to set up boundaries with regards to these issues.  Remember the verse in Genesis discussing being “naked and not ashamed” was not a physical reference.  It was talking about complete openness and honesty with the other person.  Setting up boundaries allows us to do this.


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